Grassroots Justice

Oct 19, 2023 6:08 AM
Strategy area

Structural injustice is persistent. Poverty, inequality, racism and many other injustices continue to blight our society. Power and control lie at the heart of these issues, which is probably why they persist. POP has worked hard to establish open, transparent and collaborative working practices with system change as a driving force – central ways in which we can create a more just future. BUT they do not go far enough in addressing the existing injustices. We have established a strong foundation (that we must continue to build) that will allow us to play a role in tackling injustice using these working practices, more confidently and effectively.

We’re suggesting we start with Refugees Asylum Seekers and Gypsy and Travellers as the initial focus because we have a track record of not ‘getting underneath’ the RAS conflicts and Gypsy and Travellers are a significant community who we do not have contact with. Intersectionality e.g. if you are Black and Gay will play an important role in how we proceed.

This area of work will need to be treated with a high degree of sensitivity to ensure we do not perpetuated patterns of the past and/or make crass assumptions and errors. Therefore, the development of the work will happen with key stakeholders support it with preference given to any partner lead by people who have experienced the issues firsthand. The work will also have to focus on how the causes of the issues are shifted, not just the alleviation of the issues.

Existing action

  • [[Connecting to diverse groups across Plymouth]]
  • [[Diverse Voices and the Refugee & Asylum Seeker (RAS) Network]]

New actions

  • Join the conversation happening in Plymouth about how we can create [[A more just society]].