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POP supports and leads real, purposeful and lasting change in Plymouth.

Our purpose is to build strong grassroots organisations, charities and social enterprises by supporting them to work together and take a lead role in creating change.

We are driven by the energy, passion and skills of local people taking action to make our society and environment a better place to live. A small team of dedicated staff, associates and trustees do this by influencing, connecting, training and creating opportunities. 

Our values define everything we do:

  1. building and strengthening trust and relationships
  2. collaborating with others
  3. being innovative
  4. strive to learn – and encourage learning – through our actions.

With all our work we strive to learn – and encourage learning – through our actions.

  • We advocate and support the growth of active citizens and social connectivity
  • We have a membership of grassroots groups and organisations who we nurture through our core offer.
  • We work strategically to support grassroots organisations, charities and social enterprises. 

We are known for:

  • Convening and facilitating exciting, innovative spaces in which people connect 
  • Providing provide excellent advice to grassroots groups
  • Being system thinkers and bringing new ways to understands the challenges we face
  • Our funding advice & support to members 
  • Achieving high levels of success regarding funding applications
  • Our appetite for risk; our willingness to try new things and to learn as we go